Following fixed and edits were made:

- Credits page - fixed an issue where sending credits would cause them not to be sent (reported by @ProjectTrauma )
- Drafts - fixed an issue where posting drafted thread would return error "1" (reported by @Denmark )
- Virustotal link will now accept /gui/ and /url/ parameters (reported by @spinx1337 )
- Fixed an issue where post ads would be displayed on 2nd and more pages ( reported by @pixed )
- Fixed an issue where vouch alerts (follower) would return vouch id (vid) to zero (reported by @Wan this applies only to future alerts)
- Fixed an issue with login and register pages not showing styles (reported by @Sentonta )
- Fixed an issue where shoutbox (shoutbox.php) smilies wouldn't open (reported by @Obfuscate )
- Fixed an issue where bumping a thread via bump button wouldn't show post signature  ( reported by @FanTaZyX )