1. Likes - adding/removing like from a post will now display correct "liked users" modal box info
2. Likes - reaching likes limit will now display proper message ( why by @Barry )
3. External links in some sections (Leaks) will have external link warning before leaving the site (suggested by @Zombie)
4. Bump thread  - users can't bump closed threads

Awards page
1. Users can no longer request awards that they own  ( suggested by @LMF )
2. Error message will be displayed if user requests award that he has sold
3. Some requirement based awards can't be requested if user hasn't fulfilled the criteria.

1. Floating smilie box won't close until you click "X" on top right corner

Reputation page
.1  Reputation form is no longer in modal due the multiple rep bypass

Followers system
1. Removing user from a list won't cause to receive alerts

Credits page
1. New items have been added to the shop (animated items)