Showthread page
- removed threaded view  that wasn't working - reported by @Mastiff
- "subscribe" button in first post will now show if a user has subscribed / has favorited a thread ("subscribed" text )
- fixed unicode problem for paid sig ads ( reported by @Crxpper  )

Profile page
- Spotify / Soundcloud support has been added to profile

- Subforums
- Giveaways sections not contains "expired giveaways" (past and completed giveaways) - suggested by @Teken but  stollen from @RefundArmy's thread suggestion
- Accounts subforum now has VPN section (threads are still being moved)   -suggested by @Sentonta Evil

- Nepal flag has been added - suggested by @bakedchicken Kiss
- Fire item has been added Hyped

- reputation - fixed an issue where users would add rep to same user twice
- fixed an issue where hidden content wouldn't work if the author was deleted (reported by @Ahmeed to @KSZ )
- Deal disputes sections is excluded from daily post limit (suggested by @Teken )
- new report reasons have been added (suggested by @Teken )
- thread style page - fixed an issue where certain threads wouldn't show - reported by @Jouhar