1. UserCP
- new page (security log has been added) - https://cracked.to/usercp2.php?action=securitylog
- logins
- password resets
- password updates
- 2fa (all actions)
- 2fa admin removal
- current ip
- email changes

Smilies - new smilies have been added
Shop - new flags and pepes have been added

- fixed an issue with quotes and slashes (slashes won't show anymore if a post / thread title contains single quotes)
- invisible users won't show in "who's online" (staff are excluded) - suggested by @Barry sadnigga2

- editing shout in marketplace with sellix link won't add a second link to the shop at the end of message
- fixed edit message function
- all forum smilies are usable now in sb
- fixed & symbol (it would output amp;)

- new smilies will now work properly

- three new awards have been added
- Genius - Obtained by having a quality suggestion implemented in cracked.to (suggested by @VerdunX )
- Always on time - Obtained for spending 90 days online.
- Platinum coin - obtained by having 70 received vouches.
- System will now check if a user is meeting the requirements for time-based awards

 Achievements page
- updated requirements for "always on time award" & "platinum voucher" awards https://cracked.to/achievements.php

- changed email date records to match the new security log feature