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A Feedback towards the Forum - 6 Months of usage

by Khalid - 1 month ago
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Hey everyone, So I've decided today to give my own feedback after 6 months of usage of our great forum To start with, I would like to thank our amazing and wonderful person @floraiN for creating such an opportunity for us to be creative at what we are doing at the moment; without you, that wouldn't be possible.

also, I would love to thank our dedicated administrators and moderators for helping in managing and appreciating taking their time in order to improve and make it easier for us and for the forum to grow and get better, also for being kind and helpful towards our members, I am happy to create such feedback to show the love that I feel towards this forums.

We won't forget the members of this great community, I am really grateful, I've never met users so kind and generous as you guys! Thank you so much, it was a pleasure spending my time here with you guys, Looking further to surf more on this great forum!

When it comes to the design of the forum, Nothing more I can say than the perfections, it's so easy to navigate through; unlike other forums, the design is so modern & looks perfect!

Bad reviews? I don't really have any negative things to say; for me, everything is just perfect!

Again, Thank you for considering me as your member! With all that said, I would love to thank you for reading this, and I hope you have a wonderful day here in
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10/10 [Image: pepehappy.png] sheepe

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yeah i feel same especially i really like all the community & staff always positive response & feel so good to talk always like we know each other from a very long time :)
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Wholeheartedly agree with u.
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Glad that I have been part of such wonderful community since its early beginnings as well!
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