Hello Cracked members,

Due to recent events we have decided to seek for a few more helping hands to maintain the forum.
Since Cracked is a big community that's growing rapidly, we require additional help from our members. We are currently looking for a member that will be promoted to Trial Moderator.

The duties that a Trial Moderator is required to fulfill are the following:

-- Find Spammers / Leechers / Multis
-- Maintain peace and order in the shoutbox
-- Clean the forum from malware and spam
-- You have to be mature and handle situations professionally

In the past, recruitment's were either done through applications or by the unanimous decision of administration. However this time we are changing it up.
We have picked 5 (Five) members as potential candidates for the trial moderator position and only TWO members will be promoted.
The 5 (Five) members mentioned below, will be listed in a Poll and the Cracked.to community will vote for the person they feel is deserving to win.
The top 2 with most votes will win the polls and will be promoted to trial moderators.

1. @Civicacid
2. @Duncan69
3. @PinkPleb
4. @Saint
5. @Zombie
(names are arranged in alphabetical order)

Rules for the candidates:
1. You are not allowed to ask for votes
2. You are not allowed to trade/buy votes.
3. Any new profile vote will be discarded to prevent abuse.

Deadline for voting: 01/12/2020 00:00 GMT + 1

Important Note: Posting any sort of comment in this thread will lead to warning points

Thank you,
Cracked.to Administration
For any upgrade-related issues, please private message me on site.

For account recoveries and 2fa issues contact @Teken or @Darkness

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