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[Release] Spotify Cracker | Proxyless | GUI | Capture Options | Faster than Audi R8

by 1x37x - 30 December, 2018 - 01:04 AM
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(This post was last modified: 30 December, 2018 - 01:05 AM by 1x37x.)
[Image: KSbpU7Z.gif]

Quality Spotify Cracker with GUI by Kekd. 
  • Capture Options
  • Newbie friendly due to simple GUI
  • Proxyless
  • Kekd known as one of the best devs for quality

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Credits to @Kekd for the tool and @ObbedCode for protection.

have fun!
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Good shit Jew
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Another solid release from these lads.

Good stuff @1x37x @Kekd @ObbedCode
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Lets do some math, an audi r8 goes 62 mph in 3.6 seconds THAT MEANS the checker is def faster nice job
big gay
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Good Stuff
                                          [Image: BYe4k3i.gif] 
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good work man thanks a lot of

[Image: KS1od5.gif]


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