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Poll: Agree and Should be Bring Back ?
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No. It is useless to Archive Old Threads.
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Bring Archive Subforum Back

by Barry - 05 April, 2021 - 06:11 AM
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Made a similar Thread last year :-

What is the need of Bringing it back ? ( There used to be Archive Sub-forum back in 2019 )


Any thread that hasn't gotten any activity in the last 1-3 months get closed for further replies and moved to Archive Sub-forum automatically can only be viewed.

Some of the reasons has been suggested here

Bringing Archiving Feature back it will help in preventing people spamming older threads for gaining posts count or whatever ,and those older ones bump the newer ones, reducing the popularity of new threads.

Leechers bumping old threads makes no sense.  Content posted on those threads doesn't even work.

By Default Forum threads sorting is based on the last post instead of latest threads, so leechers keep commenting on those old account and that make old threads being bumped whole time and new threads doesn't get much attention due to the default sorting of forum threads ( last post).

When we already have Marketplace Archive for old junk Threads that do the work perfectly that it is supposed to do.. why not do that for the full board ?

Forum Quality  will be increased with more attention to New Threads instead of Junk 1 year old or months old non working threads.

You can't say we are copying this archive thing from other competitive forums.. used to have Archive Section since the community was started 3 years ago..

@KSZ what u think regarding this ? If this is implemented again i know forum posts count will be somehow less, but it will increase visibility of new threads, people getting working stuff that is freshly posted. Newbies will also get the working stuff.  Currently 95% of newcomers don't sort threads by "Latest Threads" option and they see whatever post in the section they do comment on them no matter how much old those threads are. whether they are working or not..

This is really decreasing this visibility of new fresh content.

I strongly agree this to be added  Hype . or just add Community Poll and lets do voting to see what people says about this suggestion.
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Why not, my vote is "yes".
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