Hi members,

we made some changes to the marketplace that I'd like to explain to everyone.

Merging "normal marketplace" and "premium marketplace" together

As most of you know, there have been two different kind of categories for the marketplace. One where everyone could have posted his service/products and one section where only members with at least premium or contributor would have been able to create a thread.

Normal Sellers Marketplace has been deleted, the Premium Marketplace has been renamed to "Sellers Marketplace".
In order to create a thread in the Sellers Marketplace you have to be at least Premium or Contributor.
This way we are basically merging everything together and sending all the focus and attention to one marketplace section. This will lead to more potential buyers/customers for people who are providing their service/products.

In return, if someone seriously wants to provide his service and make money, he should be ready to invest at least 10€ in a Premium Upgrade. Or, if you are an active member on this community, you can also provide your products with the contributor rank. Both ways work.

The Sellers Marketplace now also have his own section for E-Books/Guides - for now we don't require an additional approval by staff members, this may change in the future based on the demand.

Special Highlight for Threads with at least 5 vouches

If one of your marketplace threads has gained 5 or more vouches, there will be automatically added a "vouch-medal" to your thread in the threadlist on the right side in the marketplace. This indicates that your service has gained a specific amount of vouches and might be trustworthy.
Keep in mind we are not responsible for scams or the quality of a product. The vouch-medal just highlights threads with a specific amount of vouches.

I hope everyone likes those changes and this will help to increase the attractiveness of our marketplace.

Best regards,
Don't message me regarding Bans, Staff or Forum Support. Only message me regarding Upgrade/Purchase issues.