Hey Members,

during the last couple of days we made the following changes:
  • Fixed an issue with Postbit Background Changer not being displayed to other usergroups
  • Added a usercard feature when clicking on a username on certain areas (index, forumsdisplay)
  • Replaced default PM System with Conversation System (some style changes are still to do)
  • Reworked and enabled Two Factor Authentification for everyone
  • Temporarily removed vouches as they are getting a rework
  • Added Combos/Config Section in the Marketplace
Upcoming changes for March
  • Bringing up an award marketplace like known on HF
  • New, easier and more detailed vouching system
  • Custom Header Background Images
Thanks for your continuous support,
Don't message me regarding Bans, Staff or Forum Support. Only message me regarding Upgrade/Purchase issues.