1. Shop items - new flags have been added: Macedonia, China,Croatia,Slovenia, Slovakia, Montenegro
2. Trustscan fixed "2fa enabled" message for users that have disabled 2fa (reported by @hooker)
3. MyAlerts - added back redirect to last page when clearing alerts (cried by @amboss )
4. Shoutbox - added clickable smilies from message (you can now click on a smilie in sb messages and it will be inserted into input box)
5. Signature marketplace - fixed "no credits" error when trying to approve sale (reported by @SRoy)
6. Sellers Marketplace  (and all subforums in it) - threads made by non upgraded (or upgrades that have expired) users are moved in Marketplace Archive https://cracked.to/Forum-Marketplace-Archive (suggested by @Yooko)
7. Coding section - Pyhton forum added and HTML, PHP & JS has been renamed to Web Development ( suggested by @ebp )
8. Postbit / showthread - Years of service and DWC tags are now visible on phone (suggested by @ANG )
9. New announcements block in index sidebar has it's cache time increased (+12 hours)
10. Premade template drafts have been added to ban appeals and deal disputes (it's visible when starting a new thread)