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Daily Maintenance of Water Ring Vacuum Pump

by yanyan - 1 year ago
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Daily Maintenance of Water Ring Vacuum Pump

With the increasing demand for water ring vacuum pump, people use it very much. To improve the efficiency of the equipment, we need to pay more attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment, but often many users will ignore this point, resulting in frequent failure of the equipment, and ultimately lose. In order to enable you to use more smoothly in the future, today we introduce the daily maintenance of effective water ring vacuum pump.

1. Replace smooth oil regularly. The water ring vacuum pump separately opens the oil hole screw inside the sealing chamber and the motor, releases all the smooth oil inside the sealing chamber and the motor, and replaces the new oil to ensure the normal operation of the smooth system.

2. Remove wet water. For motor windings with insulation resistance less than 0.5 MHz, it is necessary to remove wet water. The boring method is the same as that of conventional motors. If the seal box does not need to be replaced, only some of the stator of the water ring vacuum pump can be removed. In general, some of the seal box should not be disassembled as much as possible. If disassembly is indeed required, it is necessary to replace the "O" rubber seal ring with a new one.

3. Check regularly whether the fragile parts of the equipment are in good condition. First of all, check the water ring vacuum pump, submersible pump, water pump impeller, buckle, sleeve, bearing seat and other vulnerable parts are not missing. Good sustainable use, bad need to replace new qualified parts after reassembly, prohibit the use of damaged and unqualified parts.

4. Check whether the bearing of the equipment is abnormal. Look at some of the upper and lower bearings of the motor. If it is found that the wear or void is too large, it is necessary to replace the new bearings in time. It is forbidden to use them in order to avoid greater economic losses.

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