Dear member,

as mentioned in previous announcement, is getting a theme overhaul along with some new features. The reason behind this update is to suit modern requirements. As said the theme is rewritten from the stratch and built upon tableless structure with improved speed and loading time. With that huge update following steps are needed to be done:

- migrate all existing user DWC links to new location
- migrate all existing MOTM and MOTY labels to new location
- migrate all VT links (that are inserted in VT link field) to a new field within db
- fix the remaining open todo issues on the theme

Following list of edits that are needed on new theme

- Revamp trustscan page
- revamp statistics page
- preload all external font files
- add hybrid snazlyser with VT (VT links will work to)
- write a giveaway task file
- add some finishing touches to responsive support

Video previews: /
[Image: EfEsmgM.gif]
[Image: VPS_FO.gif]