Dry Vacuum Pump in Metallurgical Industry

Dry vacuum pump consumes low power in production, saves energy and protects the environment. It is also very convenient in cleaning and maintenance. It is widely used in metallurgical industry, but do you know what role it plays in this industry?

Protective solvent separation and vacuum sintering of high purity metals, alloy manufacturing and other processes need to be used as protective agents to protect metals from oxidation, the process is mostly completed in vacuum conditions produced by dry vacuum pumps, and sintering is also carried out in vacuum. For example, in the production of tungsten alloy (machined tool), tungsten alloy powder is protected by paraffin and ethanol (alcohol) solvents. Before sintering, solvents need to be removed under vacuum conditions and sintered into lumps in vacuum furnace.

Vacuum casting lost foam casting is a relatively new casting technology, the main production links are dry sand vacuum fastening.

The role of dry vacuum pump in metallurgical industry is briefly introduced in this paper. In addition, it is also widely used in various sectors of the national economy, such as the electric power industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry which we are familiar with are inseparable from this vacuum equipment.

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