Nowadays it's too hard to find WiFi Router with WEP encryption, but if anyone accidentally notice WEP encryption its your article.

This tutorial will show you how to hack only WEP networks from Windows OS. This is not for any other type of networks, just only WEP encryption.

You are going to need to download Commview and Aircrack-ng to continue. You can also check out Wireshark, but for this tutorial, we will use the trial version of Commview.
Tools to Download:
Commview Download Here
Aircrack-ng Download Here

Step 1: Download and install Commview and during the installation, you will come to an option where it asks if you would like Standard mode or VOIP Mode. Make sure you pick VOIP mode which will include all features.
[Image: 3667f9bd7a03f2d7e6dcfbff574b8872.png]

Step 2: Open up Commview and press the "Start" button to start scanning for networks.
[Image: e4efe13282267b73d0b21dea88c10be5.img]

Step 3: Once Commview has scanned through all the networks around you, look underneath the "Encryption" tab for WEP networks. Once you have found the WEP network you would like to get the password from, click on it and start the capture.
[Image: c74e0f58985ee6c3455e3a5bd97d1ebd.img]

Step 4: Change the maximum packets in the settings to 2000. Settings -> Options -> Memory Usage.
[Image: 7a136c95f6bdc279f21d363399a77b80.img]

Step 5: Click on the "Logging" tab and change the Maximum directory size to 2000 and Average log size to 20. Be sure to click the Auto-save box as well.
[Image: b45f49cf0327cb4594452f873b70b4c2.img]

Step 6: Click the "Concatenate Logs" button and find the logs of 20MB, put them together so you create a .ncf file.
[Image: d93727265e14a58e07238dcc2a4ed5bf.img]

Step 7: Go to File -> Log Viewer -> Load Commview Logs and choose that .ncf file that you created.

Step 8: Export the file as a Wireshark/Tco dump creating a .cap file. File -> Export -> Wireshark/Tco

Step 9: Go to the Aircrack-ng folder that you downloaded and navigate to the bin folder to open up the GUI. Select the .cap file you created.
[Image: 7e89a5454037bb94ce8d3a65c69d035b.img]