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by Danger - 04 October, 2019 - 08:51 PM
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I liked this story, and I am pretty sure you will like it as well.

Short description: I Miss Mommy

 Oh, mommy was so sweet, she loved me so much. Before bed, she would always kiss me on the cheek and tuck me into bed. I would wake up and there was always a smell of bacon in the air, the sweet smell of breakfast made by mommy. Every morning we had bacon, eggs, maybe pancakes if it was a special day. Before dropping me off to school she kissed me on the top of my head and told me she loved me. I would tell her it back and run up the steps to school. If I did a bad thing she would punish me but always came back to apologize. Mommy one day never came back from work though.
 My babysitter was watching me and we had a great day. Mommy had to work on a Sunday which was our days together so I cried for a while. My babysitter had planned a day of fun to change my mood and it did. We played games and watched movies. A few hours later mommy called and said she was stuck in traffic and would be home in a few hours. I was happy and couldn't wait.
 It had started to storm badly so there was a lot of thunder and lightning. The power went out so I and my babysitter built a blanket fort and sat there for a while talking. Four hours passed as if they were nothing and the phone rang. The power was still out and it was a home phone that needed to stay plugged in so we were confused. My babysitter answered it and I heard an immediate "Oh my god!", "What! What!" I screamed at her.
 She hugged me. Just hugged me and cried. My mom had gotten into an accident. Her car was hit by a semi that didn't stop and she died instantly. I cried and cried and cried. My daddy dint seem to care and just shrugged it off by drinking. He beat me a lot. One night I heard whispering and then a scream, a crash, and a thud a small bit later. I went to check on my dad and he was hanging there over a broken bottle of Jim Beam. I screamed and called 911. They ruled it suicide and took me to the station. My grandparents picked me up and I lived with them for a while. They liked to leave me alone and didn't acknowledge me unless I was doing bad. My grandfather beat me too and my grandmother couldn't stop yelling. A few nights later I heard the same whispering and some screams, crashes and a thud. My grandparents had broken the mirror and slit their own throats with the broken glass. I was horrified. I had been moved to a foster home and was treated well. The night before my mother's funeral I saw someone moving through my room. It was my foster mother and she was looking for something. "What are you looking for?" I said sleepily.
 "Nothing dear, go to sleep. I will see you tomorrow." The voice was weird. It was similar to my mother's. I woke up and found my foster mother on the floor with a toy unicorn sticking out of her eye. I freaked out and ran.
 My mother's funeral was the worst. I cried and cried. Then I felt a hug and saw it. My mommy, holding me, but it wasn't her. It was her after her accident. I screamed and ran.
 As we buried her I saw her standing by a tree waving. As the dirt covered the coffin she slowly faded away. All that remained was the image burnt into my eyes.

Review from me: This story was interesting, tho I liked the feelings and chills it gave me throughout the time I was reading.

Should i do more? Let me know, got a bunch of stories left to tell, some even more interesting!
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