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How To Cure Depression

by AzetKMN - 1 week ago
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In order to truly understand this, you must first know & understand the theological background of how the world works. (My suggestion is to read the Bible) In the shortest, most brief explanation, it's this: good vs evil (satan deceiving people to distance them from God and their true purpose).
Being depressed means that you are being possessed by demons who poison your thoughts and literally feed of your negative emotions.
Why are demons messing with you? Well, you're doing something wrong in your life (in order to fully understand what is wrong and what is right, read the Bible. You might be doing something that you think is good, but is actually bad because you've been taught wrong while growing up by society/parents etc.)

you're doing absolutely nothing/nothing useful or meaningful ("an idle mind is the devil's workshop"),
you're doing something highly immoral,
pornography and masturbation,
you're constantly chasing materialistic ideals..

Doctors of conventional medicine and psychologists can't help you with curing depression. They can only give you drugs which numb your senses, but that's not a solution (all those people in madhouses are just being given drugs to sleep all day, that's simply not a solution)

REAL SOLUTIONS that will actually help you:
1. Prayer, directly to Jesus Christ (short, in your own words, ex. "God, in the name of Jesus Christ, please help me & protect me from all evil, demons & negative thoughts..") (doesn't matter what religion you are or are not)
2. Doing something useful, physical work, ex. working in the garden - you won't have time to be depressed. Grabbing a hoe (tool) is a universal cure for everything.
3. Fasting + prayer (look into how an absolute biblical fast works - 24h without food and water) (this is something you could call an "extreme" measure - people were not created to fast, fast was created to serve people)

The most important thing in the end is that you change your bad habits with good ones. That's the key. If you have no intention on helping yourself, nobody will (not even God as you've been born with free will and God respects that, but, it comes at a cost..)
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I've been in depressed once, just thinking about dying every single day, don't think i'm worth living anymore, but when suffer the suicide from my friend, i started to precious my life again
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I'm not big on medical solutions. I would try physical activity like exercise, and maybe something on the spiritual side.

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