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How do hackers hide Cryptojacking Malware without it being found/detected?

by ZaddyDoc - 1 month ago
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So I’ve been hearing a lot about a type of Malware that installs Crypto Mining Software deep in your PCs files and uses its GPU and CPU power to mine for whatever crypto it’s programmed to mine for. How do hackers manage to keep this hidden without someone realizing that it’s installed? I know that it slows the PC down but other then that is there other ways to tell? (Besides having Anti-Malware/Virus)

Also side question, Is Cryptojacking even worth it or is it one of those things that the time spent isn’t worth it?
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they using new techniques to make it FUD . i dont know much.

Well u can check your task manager if some unknown process is taking high cpu usage, or there are any unknown process in Startup section of task manager is enabled. then u may know your pc got cryptojacked.

always check for startup services in task manager.

And personally i think cryptojacking gets you free money if u got many victims like 100+ . then u can think of getting free bucks that too only if victim didnt found it or formatted his system..
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