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How to generate netflix giftcards for xRisky netflix GC checker
Step 1 download this tool
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Stpe 2 enter this code in it
11 caracters in which 2 are alphas and 6 no.s
Step 3 generate and wait few seconds and u get a huge amount of GCs
Step 4 download xRisky Netflix GC checker u can get it from his channel easily
Step 5 for proxies use my old method
Get a lot of proxies put them in x slayer proxy checker and add link on it for
This link is imp
Get 500+ proxies and now use em and the generated GCs
Step 6 put the checker on rdp to get quick and fast results ratger then using ur own pc and dont use more checkers behind it causes ip misbehaving and checker becomes slow
Finall get ur GCs and sell em on
G2A ebay or ur selly.gg shop
Price should be very low
Thats all for now
By Have Gratitude / c.to