How to make $200 weekly as a respondent. Easy respondent study/survey.
Just take a few mintes.


Have you ever joined a market research study before? How about an online focus group? Ever heard of Respondent [color=rgba(163, 0, 70, 0.89)]survey? Did you know that there are a bunch of companies looking for qualified people to join their study and get paid? Did you also know that you don’t necessarily need to be a professional to join a study?
Yes, there are studies that require both professionals and non-professionals which are available worldwide. That’s what [color=rgba(163, 0, 70, 0.89)]Respondent.Io[/color] did, They bring the researchers and the qualified respondents all in one place. Also, you can choose if you want to join in person or just remotely.
And one of the best parts of this company is it’s available to everyone anywhere as long as there’s PayPal.  And before you say “I don’t like RESEARCH! or focus group” This company offers a lot of one on one interviews/projects that suit everybody. Yes, you have the power to choose your projects.
Also, you don’t have to be in the US to join and earn at least $100 to 250$. Anyone can easily make extra cash, the same incentive offers. Unlike other companies that have very limited offers if you’re outside the US. Let me introduce you to respondent.
Before you go rushing there. Let me give you a heads up on what it is, what do they need, what you can do to earn. likewise, how you can qualify.
This post may contain affiliate links see affiliate [color=rgba(163, 0, 70, 0.89)]disclosure here[/color]. which means I may receive a small commission for clicks made through my links. they are good products and all our opinion and suggestions are unbiased I only share products and services that I use, trust and love.
What is Respondent?
Respondent definition based on the Cambridge dictionary is someone who responds to a question or offer. [color=rgba(163, 0, 70, 0.89)]Respondent[/color], on the other hand, is a system of record for research respondents, a company that provides qualified research respondents to whoever needed it. If you, contrarily, is the one who needs to do some researching. This is also the perfect place to go.
What do they need?
You. Anyone, who can qualify for each research study needed. Each has a particular set of people they need as a respondent. And if you are a researcher you can recruit your target audience through respondent.
Do I have to be professional? Experienced?
It depends on the study. Each study needs a respondent either professional or not, experienced or inexperienced from housewives to web developers. Wine lovers to engineers. In short, Anyone can find a study that is a perfect fit for them. You just need to take the short respondent survey or screener survey to find out if it fits you.
[Image: 9B98AEF2-CFB6-40BC-8895-57EDEF42BE45-576x1024.png]
What are the types of the research study?
There are two types of project. Remotely and In-person. All of these studies have some screening [color=rgba(163, 0, 70, 0.89)]survey[/color]. In Addition, you need to answer these questions to be able to get accepted, Once chosen you must confirm your attendance to participate. Some studies are just 30 mins talk time.
How much can I earn?

Once you passed the respondent survey, Participated in the simple research study. You can earn from $25 up to $200. Study length starts at 15 mins up to 120 minutes. Some have higher pay even with just a few minutes of one on one.
How do I get paid?
Payment is through Paypal. The Respondent platform requires that all respondents be paid on the platform via PayPal in order to track payments.
After Researchers have marked Respondents as ‘attended’ and processed their payment via the ‘Project and respondent payments’ pane, Respondents will receive their payment via PayPal within 5-8 days.
Respondents can check on the expected delivery date of their payment (after the payment has been processed) by checking the expected delivery date of payment in their ‘My Surveys’ tab of the Respondent dashboard.
How can I qualify?
Easy, as long as you meet the requirements needed for a specific research study. At times they need a particular set of people and sometimes they just need anyone opinionated.
Take a look at the image below of how it works. As you can see, each study needed for you to take a simple respondent survey. Or, also known as a screener survey. It may look complicated. But once you already created an account you just need to choose which study you fit.
[Image: how_it_works_respondent.png]
Do I need to take the respondent survey?
Also known as the screener survey. Yes, this is the part where the researchers learn if you fit the study. And this is the first part of getting paid.
What are the available research studies?
(Updated Weekly)
Here are a few of the research studies available. Once you make an account you can easily change your preferences. So, only your preferred available studies will appear. Making it a lot easier to choose.
Share your digital banking experience

Study type: One on one
Compensation: $45
Study length: 30 minutes

Do you use internet banking? 11FS is a specialist market research company that is looking for people that are active internet banking or fintech users. Do you want to share your experiences with us – both the good and the bad? We want to hear from you.
Facebook Users Wanted!

Study type: One on one
Compensation: $30
Study length: 20 minutes

Don’t you hate scrolling through Facebook & getting interrupted by bad advertising? We do too – which is why we need your help to understand what exactly makes an ad interesting to you. An ideal candidate for this research is someone who is actively looking or considering looking for a new dentist.
Talk with Dropbox

Study type: One on one
Compensation: $150
Study length: 60 minutes

Dropbox is looking for individuals who are the main decision maker on purchasing and who have considered purchasing Dropbox Business at some point [whether you purchased it or not!]. If you are selected, sessions will be held via a scheduled Video Conference call scheduled in the next 2 – 4 weeks.
Seeking developers, DevOps Engineers seeking for interviews

Study type: One on one
Compensation: $200
Study length: 60 minutes

We are a software company looking for Developers and DevOps Engineers for 1-hr online interviews and product reviews. We want to talk to you about the industry, products you use, and your opinions on products you might not have tried yet.
Industrial Buyer research

Study type: One on one
Compensation: $150
Study length: 90 minutes

Description: is the largest sourcing platform in China. We are looking for business buyers to help develop a reliable and efficient sourcing platform. If you have experience in business purchasing or difficulties in sourcing, you are the one we are looking for. We sincerely hope to hear from you!
Seeking parents of kids aged 13-17 years old

Study type: One on one
Compensation: $150.00
Study length: 60 minutes

We are looking to speak with kids aged 13-17 y.o. about their experiences with social media and give feedback on a new social media app in development. If you are the parent of a 13-17 y.o. please apply on behalf of your child. The interviews will take place after school on Friday & Saturday.
Here’s a tip: If you have no projects in your main account just click the “browse projects” on the upper left side of the page. Then, when the offers appear,  click “view more projects” below the list.
Final Thoughts:
To sum it up, the company has a lot of studies that you can join. It may vary depending on your location. I live outside the US but they still offer a lot of projects. If you don’t qualify for a specific study that’s alright. All it takes is to choose a study, take the simple respondent survey, get invited and complete the short study and get paid.
Anyone can still make cash by referring your friends that are qualified and you can earn $20 per approved referral. And $50 per approved referral on a specific project. Hence, making it easier for the researchers to find the perfect match for their projects. Go ahead and check respondent or [color=rgba(163, 0, 70, 0.89)]apply here.[url=][/color]