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I am in witness protection

by Heavenscent - 1 month ago
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(This post was last modified: 1 month ago by Heavenscent.)
Basically started refunding as like a service to friends they'd order a TV and order something with it for me it became a thing

Then it started to get out of hand was refunding from morning to night people I didn't know then of course local "gang" I have to call them gang cus it would give away my location if I said what they really are

Basically I started doing refunds for them which wasn't s problem they were friendly enough but I started to hear too much and then

One morning my girl at the time phoned me saying there was a bunch of communication and shit from the top boys, I already knew what was gonna happen

Skipping details so I don't give away too much info they opened fire on a car, driven by the pretty much "untouchable" #1 from the other crew

I want out. Get me out. And get hans to change my name back... Until I start to like it Kappa

Oh and the guy died shot twice in the neck
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Refund 30k now at:
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Real story btw Kappa
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how can i get a girlfriend?
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