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Im bored, what website should I make?

by JuicySMS - 12 January, 2020 - 11:51 AM
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Having some free time and decided to do some work that can contribute to the community. I prefer to make a website.

Keep it simple as the time is limited, e.g. a simple file sharing site. Let me know what you would like to see and I might make & publish it.
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Make a combo editor website, will help so many of us & something the community is missing. Saving everyone time and effort. Also will love you forever PepeSadHeart

Eg - At the moment when I generate a combo from checkers, it comes out like this:

Show ContentSpoiler:

Basic Operations:

1. Your website should have options to let the user choose which information they would like to keep in the combo. This could be done by taking the headers and allowing the user to choose what they want to keep in a select box. Anything on a separate line and before the ' : ' should be seen as a header. 

2. There also be different output options: 

- keep the combo information on the same line with a separator. 

example: (Using ' | ' as the separator:)  Email:Password | Expires in (Days) : 1109 Days | Expires in (Date) : 2022-12-14

-  having the information on separate lines. 

Expires in (Days) : 1109 Days
Expires in (Date) : 2022-12-14)

You really don't know how much time this would save me when uploading to Shoppy and other services.

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