Hi, I am not a random le3cher or something, ive been here since 2019.

Lately i tried to get access to sentry.mba but the site seems to be gone.
Not only that, i've been trying so long to get a sentry.mba config for https://www.animaljam.com/en/welcome.

I don't know if its possible to make or i would get the config for free even if someone makes it.
If there's a working sentry mba with this config or it can be made, can it be released to public so it wont be a private request?

Or is anyone able to make a python based cracker for this site? I have a python based cracker for a site called https://www.roblox.com/ and it works without a script or anything. so can anyone make a python based cracker for https://www.animaljam.com/en/welcome.?

Please, i've been trying to make money off of getting any resources and selling these items are easy through marketplace and i need a small boost.
So please..