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Just wanted to say thank you guys.. Honestly..

by tugboat - 19 March, 2020 - 10:58 PM
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1 Year of service
I stumbled upon this place looking for a clean version of Openbullet. Happened over it just by chance, I would never have seen it I think. But as luck would have it. I did.
 And then with everything too good to be true i saw the catch... to my dismay I saw that I would have to pay some money to get the tools I was after and so badly needed..  First i was like... Naa, I just download some random copy from a torrent or something.. but then I saw other tools; proxy tools and wordlist tools  and configurations for openbullet and sentry mba.. Its
like heaven for nerdy Gangtsas
There are beginners tutorials and things for seasoned crackers. things I've never seen before. things I thought I might need but didn't know even existed
 I took a chance, and I rolled some Bitcoin. thinking that I was just gonna grab a few random things in be on my way. but I have to admit that this is a cool forum. Honestly fellas that might be some of the best Bitcoin I've ever spent I'm so grateful to have found this and have found so much useful s*** here that I'm gonna tell the people at my other forum and hope I don't get banned for referring people to a different forum but this is a great place thank you guys for compiling all this information thanks admin and I think instead of just being a leecher. i might even have some things to offer..
sincerely and respectfully , tugboat-
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2 Years of service
Thank you too for joining us , you can also contribute back in the future .
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Welcome dude ! This community is lob <3 you will enjoy your stay here. Its worth community
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Sounds good.
I didn't join for the purpose of finding any software, configs or whatever, but I think I will give it a try in the future.

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