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How To Make Cashapp Level 2 Account + Btc Enabled Method

by Mahdi0000 - 10 September, 2021 - 04:27 AM
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Cashapp Level 2 + BTC Enabled Method ( Like and Comment )

Hello everyone and wecome to this quick guide on how to make a level 2 cashapp account + btc enabled method
1) we will need a strong vpn like express vpn or vypr vpn ( you can use nordvpn but it's not really good for cashapp account health)
2) we will needH us info,ssn and stuff like that u can get from ssndob or use random ssn and name +dob etc from fakeit
3) now head over your vpn and start it,open cashapp on your ios or android device ( if you are on android and u don't have cashapp just download from google)
( if you're on ios make a US account and u will find it in appstore)
4) after opening cashapp you will need a us phone number,u can use textnow or any other app but it's not suggest,u can buy google voice from here
5)then put the name u have in your fullz and then go to cashapp card and request one,they will ask for more info like full name,dob,adress... put all the info including ssn
6)after that go to banks and add a bank,the routing number is this : 256072691
7)for the account number it's 10 number u can put randoms ( put this one and change some numbers randomly) 2034342719
8)they will ask again for the account number put the same one now u have an etrade bank account linked to ur account so the account lives more
9)congrats you have your account ready to accept and send payments
for btc enabled method u have to buy my psd pack 15$ from my server and u will use ur face :
so basically you will use ur face and fake a us driver licence,after that print that licence and scan it on btc enabled account ( use same name and ssn on cashapp on ur fake dl )
then after scanning scan your face and the account will be approved after some hours
don't forget to like the thread and goodluck
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Nice thank you

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