Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump General Knowledge

The liquid ring vacuum pump is a kind of coarse vacuum pump, which consists of pump body, impeller, suction and exhaust disc, water ring, exhaust port, suction port, auxiliary exhaust valve and so on. The limit pressure it can obtain is 2.66-9.31 kPa for single-stage pump and 0.133-0.665 kPa for double-stage pump. The water ring pump can also be used as a compressor. It belongs to a low-pressure compressor, and its pressure range is (1-2) X10. 5Pa gauge pressure

The gas enters the liquid ring vacuum pump through the valve through the pipeline, and then discharges into the gas-water separator through the air-water separator exhaust pipe through the air-water separator. When used as a compressor, the mixture of gas and water discharged by the compressor is separated from the gas-water separator, and the gas is maintained to the system requiring the compressed gas through the valve, while the water is left in the gas-water separator. In order to maintain a certain water level of the gas-water separator, an automatic overflow switch is installed. When the water level is higher than the requested water level, the overflow switch turns and the water overflows from the overflow pipe. When the water level is below the required level, the overflow switch is closed and the water level in the gas-water separator rises to the required level. The working water in the water ring pump is supplied by the gas-water separator. The size of the water supply is adjusted by the valve on the water supply pipe.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is widely used in many processes of petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, mining, light industry, paper-making, power, metallurgy, medicine and food industries, municipal and agricultural sectors, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum feeding, vacuum degassing, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration and vacuum moisture regain.

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