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Hey I'm pretty new on the block in terms of cracking but a while back I started a project for selling cracked accounts via Discord with some other dude but we kinda fell out, I still have a lot of the source code.
Not entirely sure if its viable but I figured it'd be harder to detect outside of other selling sites/methods.
I found there's a huge market for this kind of stuff and so far I haven't seen anyone doing this sort of thing in discord.
I'm not really looking to be "hired" this is more of a hobby so it's literally no risk.
Add me on discord if you're interested pensivemitch#6709

I'll provide screenshots soon, it's completely customizable I literally program it myself so whatever you want I can almost guarantee I can do. Only thing I haven't necessarily figured out is how to actually receive payment but I have a few ideas and I'm sure there's a pretty easy way I just haven't researched it.

General features are easy loading/parsing of accounts, stock notifications, etc. I have a ton of ideas I just need a partner to get started.

AGAIN no money or upfront-payment needed, I just am trying to get my foot in the door when it comes to cracking. Let me know if you have any questions.

P.S. I know this seems kinda sketchy as fuck but AGAIN I'm asking for NO PAYMENT!!! I'm just a bored teenager looking for something fun to do.
Please add me on discord/respond to thread if you have any questions or wanna try it out.

This is an example with minecraft:

https://pasteboard.co/KckQVaB.png - Generation of Altening token
https://pasteboard.co/KckRrgt.png - / command integration

I think it looks pretty nice and from testing with a small group of people it works really, really well.
I've had a LOT of success with this in the past, turning over a pretty substantial profit for someone my age. AGAIN I'm not looking for any type of payment however, just a friend to get me back into this.
I've come a long, long way in my coding and I have already a basic framework laid out. You just give me a server, a general idea for what you want, and I got you.
Really all I'm asking in return is just someone to show me how things are done. I may monetize this in the future if it gets big enough but yeah.

Just to be clear, this bot can have support for multiple sellers. As in each individual seller gets credit as well as the payment. I feel like this is a much easier to access for the consumer in terms of just being in a discord server rather than going to Selly or some other shop for an awkward webpage. I can pretty easily implement single-payment as well as subscription for the bot. Also I've put a captcha on it before if you're interested in that.