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Listen my friend, change source codes and then give wrong credits!
these sources which I find on https://cracked.to/
publicly exhibited are by no means by this X-Slayer! still rudimentarily copied from some fake source code release to infect scriptkiddys! Young Young Young I WILL NOW GUARANTEE EVERY STUPID AND RIDICIOUS CLAW ACTION TALKED TO ME! HOWEVER, I LIKE TO TALK TO EVERY SPEECH AND ANSWER IN THE DETAIL AND SAY HOW IT WORKS, HOW TO DO IT AND AND AND WE CAN DO IT! RIDICIOUS CHILD! YOU CAN SEE THE 65% SCENE SCREEN AGAIN. Kiddis are actually called Lamer ... boy don't be mistaken by my newly chosen pseudo you don't recognize anything I have already sniffed yahoo and sent it with vb6 via ymsg boots and programmer forums and Crews founded / trained you were still the sperm in your father's sack .... but it doesn't matter! come let Teamviewer fight against each other in any hacking or programming & designer discipline before the scene, you can bring your whole ScriptKiddi circle of friends! a MAN ONE WORD MY FRIEND! you want to be nice for once .. and the scene without backdoors; infects treat something then you will be compared with pissers like lamer infectern young young boy where to go with you .. then you want to join this board https://infected-zone.com / Login .... LoooL Stop the freezing ridiculous my login attempts from loool how ridiculous is the board!
I'm not even allowed to comment loool
I POST IT HERE, you think you want to be nice Just put something out without any ulterior motive and then it will be kicked with Script-Kiddy! Ridiculous I don't care if everything is correct in English, I'm German ....

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PeliNNN! I thank you very much. You showed me again after years why I am not active in forums or spread something except in my circles

even if https://cracked.to/ has nothing to do with it, however, I suspect which user it is true and this whole victim scene pisskiddy board flame is too much for me yes I piss myself off in the background! just give my hard work / and self-made work out under a different name! and be happy a branch! if you are all so connected to board and scene and praise any fixxen (craped) tool leakers with high praise then do it for me .... just ask this X-Slayer blablabla if it is his source !!! i want to see the eggs from all of you! she shows him my friends Neo / Kani / Crackearz, Cypher, and as my name hasn't been in the scene for decades, I say goodbye to DevylEggs! give probes! name is Nothing, ALL is knowledge and ability!

guys I piss off, bad luck! actually, I really wanted to publish and trust really broken shit ... bad luck, pure MR.XLL / DevilEGGS / BK-Crime!

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sorry for posting in the wrong category*

don't want to comment, i was told because the icons are similar with his tool ... pf there are lots of flag icon packs right! but only this pack has over 150 different flags (countries) even for these I had to grab a few icons myself so that the Maxdata free Ip2Country did not output any white images! because every few months or years a small further nation makes it into the internet age, or pieces of land separate from other members, for example. (Saudi Arabia) and thus also a country iso code got extra now, or actually never before, there was an icon pack that covered all nations (then and now completely) except this the icon pack that I fixed extra! so then let's go to the Invokes I made myself smart about this X .... blablabla that was 5-10 years ago everything was still written with delegates if he did that at all and didn't just use checkforillegalcrossoverthreads = false then I mean that he used a thread pool this is also out of date I use task! Be that as it may, I actually wanted to code it with threadpools because there are many featers that do not have the task, but whoever reads my post is old sources that have been completely written by me! shows me a tool that uses such a good stability / worked out functions and the latest possibilities! not at the time they were published or today after they were shot through from script kiddy to script kiddy ...! there are also many free databases for ip / proxy2country how do you know which one he used ??? young main thing mean something and feel great to change it and give some people the probs for it! my sources that i have published are very good and work i didn’t just do it yesterday .... anyway i don’t talk my mouth fluffy anymore .... come get your whole board crew into a teamviewer battle and show us how what we can do! coding / designing / this that that .... i can show you what my handicraft looks like live! you will have noticed how well the sources are written!