Dear Cracked member's

Today we have decided to unban every member that has been banned on in the past.This decision was reached due to the fact that everyone deserves second chances and makes mistakes.The unbanned members will be moved to default "Registered" Usergroup. If you have purchased a lifetime upgrade in the past, message an admin to get your rank added back.

Please note This does not include members who scammed others in our community.We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to users who scam others or are trying to do so. Those users will remain banned unless they have submitted a legit ban appeal and paid the scammed amount back. Even then it's still an administration decision whether this user gets unbanned or not.
Also keep in mind that unbanning all members is a step we don't take very often hence there may not be another chance like this,so please respect the rules.

Other then that, 25.000 inactive accounts have been deleted which means there are more new Username's available which were previously not available.

Best regards, Administration
For account recovery purpose,please private message me on site.
Upgrades via PayPal are done at 2 PM Pacific time daily.
Never PM me on discord for Upgrades as there are impostors scamming.

Currently have an impostor with discord ali4526#8202 (discord tags are case sensitive)
I don't do currency exchanges

Always confirm off-site deals with me via pm

[Image: 4CgiZ9d.gif]