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Megatoken Airdrop, Already Listed on Pancakeswap !!!

by 123omarii123 - 07 June, 2021 - 11:49 AM
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Hi Everyone,

[Image: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.jpg]

I think it is one of the best airdrop because it is official, easy, has lots of subscribers and followers and also we can already trade on pancakeswap.
This is Megatoken Airdrop
It needs simple social tasks and some are optional.
Distribution in 30 June. Gives 10 Billion tokens. It is already listed on pancakeswap and price is 40$(10b token) and price keeps going to increase.

Contract address: 0x148c560a9ce8a9d7f869aa97efa2c2aa623927c9

Good Luck,
Thanks for reading my post.
This post is by a banned member (123omarii123) - Unhide
Up this thread, it's really great Airdrop, Must Try!

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