This is a full tutorial for how to jack inactive twitter handles, this is a very simple tutorial.
First off, I'd like to say that this method takes patience. It will most likely work and very few people have seen
this method. You can't be lazy if you want to do this method. Put your mind to work :)
Correct grammar
a brain
small bit of Social Engineering skills
Now to the tutorial. Jacking twitters isn't exactly easy but it also isn't exactly hard.
In twitters "Inactive Account Policy" It states that "Accounts may be permanently removed due to prolonged inactivity.
Please use your account once you sign up!" Which is very important and could you help you out.
The method we will be using is the copyright, harassment and impersonation method.
Twitter states that if you try to report a Twitter account for impersonation just based on there username they will not
do anything about it. But they can if the profile image and status updates do. They do say that if it involves Trademark
Infringement you will have to contact Twitter.
Step one: Go to the twitter submit a ticket page for impersonation. I assume most of you can navigate twitter so this should not be a problem.
Step two: Create a email on Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail or yahoo that is similar to the twitter you want to jack.
Step three: Fill out the ticket. Claim that the twitter account is using your business name without permission. Claim that if nothing is done with this account that you will go to the full extent of the law because this user is using your business name without permission.
Step four: Think outside the box and make up bullshit in order to get the Twitter. Say that by them having that username
they are ruining your business and make up reasons as to why.
Note: Make sure to think outside the box. Change it up a little. Thanks for reading.
You can also create a new website and make a domain which is similar to the Twitter username.
This can be helpful because you could make a fake shop on the website and claim they are putting back customers.