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Sup c.to users, we are having bad feeling about this because someone is impersonated my friend is "Alexander"
Here is his SS:
[Image: ce284155641d4cecf4e8a6be1e68b9656b94c8c1.png]

[Image: 4f08c5d123121683a5a72a778177436b-png.jpg]

It looks very identical and different to me...

Real Alexanders doesn't have:
- A Cat PFP

Here is his fake D.ID: 674176481592868884

Here is his real D.ID: 745772049225613495

And my friend says "His N.to has been hacked"
So be careful, you need to recognize of his ID and PFP to see if it's real or not.

Thx 4 understanding. Regards R.

[font]Shoutout to @Alexander :[/font]
[font]I am really terribly sorry to hear that but we will revenge someone if they impersonate you.[/font]

[SIG for B4U coming soon]