Like the title says, I have been here for a year starting today.
It has pretty much became second nature that I log onto the forum and talk to members here.

I remember a lot of what I did on this forum since I registered.

First and foremost I created an account to leech something of which I don't remember. After that I started communicating in shoutbox for a few months and a lot of the time I chatted all day. Somewhere in the mix of that I believe around October 18th ye ol' @floraiN asked me if I wanted to join the staff team. I remember standing up, taking a breath, putting my laptop down and taking a walk because my heart was beating so much. I was eventually demoted but I'm not complaining. It was a very fun experience and I would gladly accept the position again if the help was needed. I've built myself up to almost 300 rep with few meaningless negative rep which is very nice. I planned on purchasing a custom UG by now but I haven't been working too hard on making money, mainly just enjoying life. I've met many great people on this forum. Some of them showing their colors and scamming and some of them turning out to be seemingly nice people. I've had countless conversations with many members and befriended a lot of people. My favorite member of this forum would be @ImStillBluPepelove and I know him closely now.
(I typed out a lot more shit but closed the tab for some reason.??
I hope to see this community grow more and more as time goes on. I hope this shit doesn't fall to the feds or to some corrupt staff member but I'm sure floridan has taken precautions. This place has overtime became my home in a way.

Hopefully many more years to come.

Been great no complaints FBI PepeCaught PepeCaught Pepeclap Pepeclap
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