with this thread I want to bring more details about the recent and future development and improvements for the forum to the community. Before I start what updates we are planning for the summer, I want to give an update about recent updates. Some updates have been commited when I wasn't here yet, but I have a list of changelogs I want to share.

Bug Fixes
  • E-Mail Forwarder has been fixed and is functional again
  • Statistics Page has been reworked and integrated to Redis
  • Draft Threads is functional again
  • Search Function now also works with less than 3 character searches
  • Cryptocurrencies loading from Redis instead on every page refresh
  • A few other performance improvements related to: Index and Threads

  • Automatic Refreshing for: New Alerts, New PMs and Reports
  • Shoutbox Modal to display all Emojis directly under the Textbox (can be changed in Settings Modal)
  • A fully rewritten trustscan with new features and details (a few bugs still need to be fixed)
  • Features overview page with all rank requirements
  • Reorder Sidebar Items [(Live since 2 months already) - (Possibly the best invention ever)]
  • Sticky Expiration for thread owners can be found directly in the thread headers now
  • Adding more days also works for Style Threads now (Days can be stacked)
  • Gifted Upgrades are automatically granting the Upgrade Award to the person who gifted the rank now
  • New Vouches can also contain a price now (it will be also displayed on the vouch view page)
  • A new index Layout on Theme Settings (Grid)
  • Sellix Embed for Threads (and Editor Button next to Shoppy)

Upcoming updates for this Summer

We have been discussing a few major updates for this summer that I would like to tease.

New Auth System

The so called "Skids" have been pushing their virtual ego with dropping not well protected tools into their devirtualizer to call it a cracked tool. Some other people have also been publishing (and even selling) a auth bypass that lets user skip the rank requirements for certain quality tools that require Infinity or Supreme. In order to address this we will be reworking the whole authentification module and secure it with extra layers that will make it way harder (if not possible) to bypass the auth system. Old auth tools will be still working, but we will slowly migrate to the new auth system which will be called newauth.php and can be accessed at the same time with the old auth. 
Eventually we want to remove the old auth and only keep the new auth system up. A special thanks to @1x37x and @ForlaxPy for brainstorming on how to make the auth system more secure.

Automatic Purchasements of User Signatures

With the ongoing popularity of purchasing signatures from users, we want to introduce a system that lets user put their own signature for "sale" for a specific timeframe they have choosen.
Those signature slots can be purchased from everyone directly with a little marketplace system for a set amount of credits. The person who offers his signature for sale has all options to choose the price and duration he wishes to offer. The buyer will purchase the slot with credits and submits his prefered content. Everything else will be handled automatically such as expiration, editing the signature with the new content. The user that offered his signature will still be able to edit his signature, but wont be able to remove the purchased content on his signature to prevent any abuse.
The whole system will work similar to the Award Marketplace.

Those will be the main new features, throughout the process we will also change the Award Sorting (with drag&drop), an emote-only-mode for the Shoutbox and publish minor little adjustments and bug fixes when they occur.

Thanks for the ongoing support and stay tuned.

Best regards,
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