today I implemented three new additional ways that prevent bots from posting cashlinks and leechers from being unrecognized.
The recent increase of leechers (who had more than 50 posts without any threads) and bots that were spamming their shitty cashlinks was not acceptable anymore.

Here's how we deal with them now:

Only allowing certain E-Mail providers

From now on you can only register a new account on cracked.to with one of the following emails:
  • gmail.com
  • yahoo.com
  • hotmail.com
  • protonmail.com
  • live.com
  • outlook.com
  • icloud.com
Every other provider is blocked and wont let you register a new account.

Suicide Thread

We enabled a global check for thread descriptions. If your thread contains an URL that we have in our cashlink database, you will be blocked from creating this new thread + automatically banned.
We are slowly but surely building up our cashlink database and will extend it with new cashlinks/url shortener when we see them.

Automatic Leecher Banning

Last night I banned 1850 members who had a post counter great than 50 and 0 threads.
From now on we have a task that runs every sunday that will automatically ban members with the following criterium:
  • Post Count: Greater than 50
  • Thread Count: 0
  • Usergroup: 2 (Registered Member)

Those new measures will help to keep the forum clean. It might decrease some statistics (new members per day, new threads per day) but it will also increase the overall quality. 
Quality beats quantity.

Best regards,
Don't message me regarding Bans, Staff or Forum Support. Only message me regarding Upgrade/Purchase issues.