Quote:Police from Tokyo's Tsukiji police station arrested a 16-year-old male high school student in Setagaya on Wednesday after the suspect allegedly issued a bomb threat toward Konami Digital Entertainment.

According to police, the suspect was dissatisfied with Konami's eFootball Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 smartphone game. Police stated the suspect wrote in his deposition that he was disgruntled that people would disconnect during matches against him, and turn what would be his wins into recorded losses. The suspect allegedly added in the deposition that he was mad that Konami had allowed players to continue doing this. The suspect supposedly posted such messages on the game's message board as, "I'm going to blow up Konami," "By the way, the bomb has already been set," and "I'm going to kill the people working at Konami. I'll show that terrorism is possible even in Japan."

Konami debuted the eFootball Winning Eleven 2020 game last October.


When's this going to inspire a Law & Order episode?