I include the stores, how to go about it, and how to be smart about it. This is nothing new tbh as a disclaimer, but I think you might still go "Aha! I never thought of doing it that way!" Pepo

I think we can all empathize about when we buy a PC, and it starts slowing down, breaking, needing repairs outside of warranty or having to deal with an indian call center for the warranty. And eventually it becomes a brick, with all of the original investment lost. I will demonstrate how I manage to always have the best newest gaming laptop with no loss to my invested principle.

I go to Sam's Club or Costco (they don't ask for your license, and they don't use retail equation!), and I buy a high end laptop. Sometimes you can get great gaming ones in the stores if you're in a wealthy metro area, but if you're not you might have to order online, as sometimes they don't have any inventory or the worthless employee is too lazy to go in the back and find some spares (especially at sam's club). You can still do instore returns with stuff bought online so that's ok.

Their policy at both companies are 90 days for all major electronics except phones, which are 14. All you do is buy what you want, whether it's a 1600 dollar alienware laptop, or anything else like a tv or an above ground pool for the summer, and use it as your own for the whole 90 days. As personal advice, treat that receipt like it's a very valuable item. Put it in a baggie in a safe place where you remember where it is, and mark on your calendar the return date. For my laptops, I nuke the harddrive on the return date and backup my files to my flashdrive. Doing this 4 times a year ensures I never have an outdated broken down laptop, and that I always have the latest and greatest! >:)

I'm sure many of you know how to navigate the returns desk anywhere, but I will give some pointers to those who may not be in the know. You are entitled to a refund basically according to their own policy, I've never had a problem in my 5+ years of doing this, but I still like to take precautions to be safe. You don't want to become known too much at these stores as a return abuse person. You just never know how the management or loss prevention people could react, it would suck for them to step in and deny a return and also burn that store for you. I always try to go at peak times, think 5 o clock on a friday. Exercise caution with whos at the return desk too, if it's an old white woman or an "employee of the month" karen with 9 million "bestest employee ever" badges on her vest, try to be a chameleon and don't look them in the eye, give a generic excuse like "the battery doesn't last long at all." You never know if they could bring you up to a supervisor, although I'd doubt they'd care. The best case scenario is if it's some hood person or a pothead who looks like they want to take a nap lol. They literally don't give a shit and will just run your return, sometimes not even checking inside the box and throwing it carelessly behind them. Also, if you live in a metro area with a few sam's and costcos nearby, try to alternate stores. You want to be forgotten at each store. This is especially important if you do phony returns (A guide for another day) ;)

Happy renting everyone!