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SNIPR v3.7.6.4 ! My analysis of it and here is how you can patch the Auth system.

by ForlaxPy - 21 January, 2019 - 08:07 PM
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(This post was last modified: 21 January, 2019 - 08:09 PM by ForlaxPy.)
Well first of all Hello.
In the couple last days I asked a friend for his team viewer it was @Devil , he had Fiddler opens as we were trying to update some API function of FAF, and when he launched up SNIPR to crack something, I noticed that he auto authenticated, and in the background I saw some requests going on inside of Fiddler. I stopped him and asked to upload that Fiddler session for me.

So here is how it looks like:

[Image: mreQZlI.png]

So as You can see I edited the screenshot to make the explanation easier. The login sent requests are our target so the first requests gonna be a version check and that's hella importatnt and PRAGMA did just released a new update where he probably patched this yesterday, but good for us I still got the previous version. The second one is the key as it sends a request to the server with a generated HWID + the given email + pass and the third one has the main SNIPR UI, yes SNIPR Form or UI or GUI or panel... (call irt whatever you want) Is saved online in his server. So all you gotta do is take the session file that I'm gonna provide you and start faking some responses using fiddler.  Using the response breakpoints. 

[Image: npND3iL.png]

This will prevent SNIPR from getting the response until you approve it from Fiddler, so the good about this is that we can take the previous session responses that @Devil had and provide them as reponses or and that the best option is to Host these responses in a local File and to disable the cnx betwen SNIPR and PRAGMA's API. How? Easy. SNIPR is using Eazfuscator.NET as an obfuscator and I'm pretty sure that you can easily deofuscat it just by a quick search on Google. So that's basically the whole auth stage, after that you fake the third Http request you can just disable fiddler and let snipper grab the client needed files such as Configs and the others js required stuffs. So as I said above hosting these files locally and by using a little redirect trick SNIPR will work perfectly.

All right so I'm a Reverser so why didn't I did this? To be honest I wanted to do this but everytime I opens my decompiler to check for where are these requests sent from I get kicked off by how many the classes are. Yes I fully decompiled it to a readable code but still gotta clean some junks. I'm sure that there is a second way to do that manually by settlng a XAMP host in the machine and redirecting these requests or by coding a program that does this but I'm kinda lazy to do that so yes Here is everything you need to know about how SNIPR works/auth. And it's still getting sold for 20$ so....
I'm ready to help anyone that is willing to continue on this project but don't expect me to do much as I already quited it.

[Image: FAWrsdv.png]

[Image: WLqsKO6.png]

Files Needed:

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Good Luck!
[Image: LNtHnqL.gif]
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love it, nice analysis @Forlax
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XD my man            
lol im glad to help
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Thanks for the analysis
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lets see if it happened

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