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by kumaramash - 2 weeks ago
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Hi guys, this is my first post here hope you all enjoy <3

So there are probably quicker ways to earn money but personally I have a lot of fun using this method to earn up to $200 once a week. If you love clothes and fashion this is definitely the method for you, I sorta just consider it a hobby which can also make me easy money.

How it works: is a Chinese site with dirt-cheap replica clothing, and I essentially ship hype clothes to my house and then resell them for $50-80 profit per item. I'm able to get clothes that are almost the same as real for about 10% of their actual price, giving a large profit margin when reselling. It is a bit confusing to start off so here's the step by step process:

1. Sign up for wegobuy (affiliate): 
weidian doesn't ship internationally, so this is a middleman service that buys for you and ships to your country.


This is a 5 min video on how to easily buy clothes from weidian, follow the guide to buy any hype replicas you want to resell.

3. I recommend these two items:

$11 USD Chunky Dunks (worth $1400)

$25 USD Paris Dunks (worth $50,000 lmao)

Fake shoes resell the best, and I can attest for these two pairs which both have little flaws and look and feel really nice. It's important to note that people will be able to tell they're fake if they know their shoes and are inspecting it up close, however.

So buy these using the shipping agent wegobuy and ship them to your house.

4. Sell on Facebook marketplace/depop for huge profits!!!!

Don't be a dick - say that they're fake or at least don't try to sell them as real. You will still be able to make heaps of money, I made about $100 profit off the paris dunks alone.

5. While you're at it, buy some fake clothes to wear yourself if that's your thing! Weidian and taobao are so fucking cheap but it's easy to find stuff that's still nice quality. When shipping shoes to sell, I'll always throw in a $7 supreme shirt or something for me to wear. Check out r/fashionreps on reddit if you wanna find some sick pieces to buy or more information on buying fakes.

This method is relatively unsaturated and a good way to begin a reselling sidehustle. The only downside really is that some people won't like you selling fakes clothes, and that shipping costs are a bit high right now due to covid.
If you don't wanna resell fake clothes, just use and wegobuy to buy clothes for personal use! It's such a sick way to get good looking designer outfits for a fraction of the price.

So that's all, hope this is useful for some of you, and please comment if you'd like me to add some more detail in any of the steps.

Thanks for checking out this thread and good luck <3
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