If you're tired of your numbers being locked for too many verifications on Gmail signup and don't want to waste time and money on online burner phones then look no further:

Gmail sign up usually requires you to enter a phone number to use for verification and after being used a certain number of times they get locked for a few days/weeks/months.
How to bypass:
1)Download the gmail app on your phone or on an emulator such as blue stacks
2)Sign into an existing gmail account 
3)Click on your profile pic and click manage accounts
4)Add account
5)Select google
6)Create new --> for business use
7)Enter info you want 
8)Select skip on the phone verification

Add a recovery email or you can get blacklisted for 2-3 days and they will ask you to add a phone number to verify you aren't a robot

Hope you guys enjoy and get some use out of it :)
[Image: SU7udnt.jpg]