Cheapest, fastest service around. Guaranteed profit. Accepting Crypto, and Paypal (Stockpile giftcard)

Interested in holding value-appreciating stocks like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, or Tesla?
Hello there, today I am offering Robinhood referrals, which are users that join under your sign-up code on the Robinhood trading app.
Each friend you bring to Robinhood provides you with one free stock valued at $3-$150. My service will dramatically speed up the process, allowing you to earn many free stocks within a lightning fast period of time.
This process has been tested on multiple accounts and there has been no risk whatsoever.
Note, if an issue does arise though, I cannot provide a refund on my services. I will work with you personally in event of an issue.
Note, there is a maximum referral reward limit of $500 USD earned per Robinhood account. Once you reach the $500, I will assist you in a method that will allow you to continue opening accounts and earning another $500 in referral rewards as many times as you like.

Robinhood does require you to hold the stock value on your account for 30 days due to anti money laundering laws. After that you are free to withdraw the balance in cash no strings attached. If you do not have a US checking account you can or want to withdraw to I will also assist you with private information including the very few instant approval prepaid debits that Robinhood still accepts =) My packages are by far the cheapest and the only service that guarantees a profit on your end!

10 referrals - $30
25 referrals - $65
50 referrals - $100