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SCAM REPORT AGAINST @ez4kam | Attempt Scam DWC

by Malachai - 2 months ago
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Scammers Profile Link:
[If Applicable] Sales Thread: none
Amount or Item(s) Scammed: none
Screenshots of Communication:
Additional Information:
so this idiot user replied on my thread clamming i can message him he have the chcker i dm'ed him for his discord and he replied then he responded me on discord with checker details then about payment i asked him we can use mm his response is ''Depends'' i said we can use @HaNs69 he told me hans never replied him and he is not a good mm then i asked him about Lucas from nu**ed he told me he don't know him since he is in his friend list then i asked him who you prefer he told me @Darkness but also he told me that darkness reply so late . i said ok i will go first if he shows the checker running with my name on notepad he start giving excuses and told me rdp is slow .

Proof that he is the guy :

this is a clear scam attempt i want Staff to get him ban as soon as possible because he can use his rep to scam other members.

My message to him : don't scam people this will get you in trouble and scammed money won't help in life.

Thank you so much
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