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School and my main project have been putting me off from this service. I just need quick money and to get rid of it.

 - 2 domains
 - Well built website (mobile and desktop compatible.)
 - Thread Design (designer can change it to your likings)
 - Banner (designer can change it to your likings)
 - If you go with how I was going with, I paid a developer to setup proxy servers on VPS's. Message me about it and ill give you his info.
 - Axenta Service Shop (4th slot)

I know a good proxy provider, thats a bit expensive, but you can easily sell them for a lot with this service.

Please send serious offers, not you just bsing and wasting my time please.

Please either contact me here, or via Telegram (@NotAqua).

Live your life without me. I'll be looking down on you.

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