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Vortex | The most advanced League Of Legends cracker on the market! |

by Kekd - 4 months ago
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- Huge update [Added tons of features and fixed bugs]


- Fixed crashes and non working regions
- Added champ and skin viewer
- Added skin searcher
- Added rp mode

[+] Customizable Threads Numbers
[+] Supports All the proxies Types! HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 
[+] Enqueue multiple combo lists
[+] A dedicated Proxies Checker Linked with League API
[+] Full Capture of The Accounts Details
[+] Swap proxies mid cracking
[+] Create custom export formats
[+] All regions supported
[+] A lot of different settings
[+] Auto remove banned accounts
[+] Built in skin and champ viewer

- Cracker mode -
[Image: 8jk8.gif]
- Custom export -
[Image: yxxy.png]
Proxy checker & combo queuer -
[Image: uely.png]
Checker mode -
[Image: kyl2.gif]

In order to use this checker you must be a Supreme Member. If you are not already upgraded, you can buy an upgrade from here.

RECOMMENDED THREADS: 250-1000 depending on your PC.

Capture: Region/Level/Champions/Email Status/Last Play

You can choose multiple regions at once
Works fast with HQ proxies

Make sure to run it as administrator!

This checker was brought to you by Kekd

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[Image: OQc76n7.gif]

[Image: xv9seKs.gif]

[Image: OQc76n7.gif]
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Thanks for all the hardwork mate :)
Lmao just realised its supreme + :(
Don't Leech  Pepegun  Leave a Like
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I LOVE YOU Happy Smile
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I will not forget you @uthred  Pepe

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Best as usual keep it up Heart
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Thanks buddie Gotta upgrade now
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Thanks you GOD !!!
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