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Scam Report Against Hyperion2000 (TheBlock09 #1417 on Discord) Discord ID 4994394912

by lnferno - 1 month ago
This post is by a banned member (lnferno) - Unhide
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Joined: Aug 2020
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Scammers Profile Link:

Sales Thread: N/A

Amount or Item(s) Scammed: Attempted to scam 30$ BTC

Screenshots of Communication:

Additional Information: 
I was looking for someone to partner, they supply and i sell. This dude dmed me and it looked promising at first, until he said "can you give me 30$ and ill beer fresh stock tomorrow" . I asked why and he said because i want to buy some discord tools. I was already like dude what? I asked him what tools and he said Migraine, and another discord tool, and I mentioned it had nothing to do with our deal. He said he also wanted to buy axenta. How tf can you buy axenta, migraine, and another discord tool for 30$ wtf. Not to mention axenta is down isnt taking anymore purchases . This dude wasn't even in the axenta support server. He also said "this sofware" when he first asked me which means he meant '1'. He said nvm the 30$ I'll get fresh stock tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and guess what? Nothing. He made an excuse and said he was busy for the weekend. This man is sus af, he has -3 reps on and when i asked him about it he said some dude messed up his rep but never gave me proof. he needs at least DWC. I've also seen him pinging ppl in #wtb when they want to buy fn accs and tell them to dm him [Image: monkah.png]

Crypto address for a refund: N/A
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User Banned.

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