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Scam report

by renul0 - 1 week ago
This post is by a banned member (renul0) - Unhide
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Scammers Profile Link:
Sales Thread: His discord
Amount or Item(s) Scammed: 200$
Screenshots of Communication: The discord server is down so I can't see the ticket
Additional Information: 1 month ago I bought the checker, it was used for some days; then it went down and I waited for the new version; The new version came,it took some days for him to give me the download link and the auth key , then I asked him what proxies work as no proxies that I used worked ( smartproxies datacenter, luminati datacenter and another private one which is hq) I waited for an answer again some days, after I received an answer " Ask other buyers" the checker went down then he asked for our auth codes, I sent him the auth code and asked for a download link, got an answer in 4 days~ , he didn't even read what I said , he only read the authkey as he said he added it then another 4 days of begging for a fucking link , like all he has to do is copy paste the download link; 

Leaving the fact that after I bought it for 200$ the price went down to 80~ or even less if I remember multiple times ;

It would take only 30 mins from his precious time to reply to our tickets ( as I m not the only one who gets an answer every 4-5 days) ( as he stated that he has a life and that's why he doesn't respond) 

So imagine someone that doesn't even read the ticket and replies every 4-5 days and you also see him playing minecraft when people are crying that they are not receiving the product they paid for.

I'm a seller and I understand that people need to have patience, but you reply every 4-5 days to not even read the full ticket.

Bullshit all over, his customer support (Him) is shit

I don't want refund but to use the product as it's good, he only needs to spend 30 mins to respond to our tickets :/
[Image: 1yWEvkT.png]
laur#6196 / @renul0
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Hey, why did you make 2 reports? You have this one here,
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