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Scam report on 38 / zxcnikita

by fugitive9545 - 10 November, 2020 - 07:42 PM
This post is by a banned member (fugitive9545) - Unhide
2 Years of service
Scammers Profile Link:38 / zxcnikita profile
Sales Thread:
Amount or Item(s) Scammed:10$
Screenshots of Communication:
Additional Information: i bought 1m gaming email pass from his sellix shop after pay confirmation i didnt get any link of download for purchased file and in email said contact seller on discord to get file!  i contacted him on discord and he said dont buy from sellix again ! ( in screen shots) after hours of waiting i didnt got anything finally when i said that im gonna open an scam report he send a public shit combo from his cloud or anywhere else. even in his discord channel there are other victims too.
i joined in his cloud too i can clearly tell you that his clouds are shit too puting some publiced stuff like hurb, shadi,etc raped dbs in internet
Crypto address for a refund:19CsRr5pccAc7zwx1VmJtUpvdrmDG7xnra
This post is by a banned member (patopato) - Unhide
This post is by a banned member (Darkness) - Unhide
Staff Team
2 Years of service
User banned.
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Last Known IP:
"These violent delights have violent ends."
My discord ID is "406404196003348481" . ALWAYS Confirm that It's me with an on-site pm first.I DO NOT sell OR exchange anything.Be careful of Scammers & Impersonators.
[Image: refund_bar.gif]

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