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Scamreport against JohnInvestor

by MasterTobi84 - 09 March, 2021 - 09:39 AM
This post is by a banned member (MasterTobi84) - Unhide
2 Years of service
Scammers Profile Link:
Sales Thread:
Amount or Item(s) Scammed: 196,8 $
Screenshots of Communication:[Image: Screenshot-20210302-222108-Discord.jpg][Image: Screenshot-20210302-222115-Discord.jpg][Image: Screenshot-20210302-222121-Discord.jpg][Image: Screenshot-20210302-222126-Discord.jpg][Image: Screenshot-20210302-222132-Discord.jpg][Image: Screenshot-20210302-222138-Discord.jpg][Image: Screenshot-20210302-222146-Discord.jpg][Image: Screenshot-20210302-222152-Discord.jpg] Additional Information: Meanwhile I have been waiting for my refund or delivering the streams for over 2 weeks. You are always held back. I said to him that if I didn't get my money back or he didn't deliver the streams, I'd go on a scam report. Then he thinks I'm threatening him and he threw me off the server without warning. I still don't have a btc back, or my streams
Crypto address for a refund: 1Nec8nn7BbpMnfBtJt5iSW13PvYSf8vWgV
This post is by a banned member (Teken) - Unhide
Staff Team
User banned. Sorry for your loss.

Registration IP:
Last Known IP:
[Image: 4HSBhFz.gif]
(not a paid advert!)

If I didn't answer your DM please message me again.
Trusted MM service - Avoid getting scammed!!

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