Would like to share this simple trainer and maybe some of you find it useful. It is pretty straightforward.
Likes not needed but always appreciated Heart . Just don't leech

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  1. Execute the trainer 
  2. Start "Shellshock Live" (the trainer automatically detects a running instance of "Shellshock Live").
  3. There are four hardcoded keys
    • Key 1 (save current mouse position as position 1)
    • Key 2 (save current mouse position as position 2)
    • Key 3 (calculate different angle/speed combinations to hit the target (position 2))
    • Key 4 (clear positions)
    • Key 5 (switch calculation mode)
  1. Move the mouse over your tank and press '1'.
  2. Move the mouse over the enemy tank and press '2'.
  3. Press '3'.
Credits to mschorsch on GH. 

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