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Hey, to get to the page With Spotify Premium accs you will have to Complete one "offer" (i recommend 100% that you use Your phone beacuse it will give you app offers, so you simply download a app from the app store and run it for 30secs and get the Spotify Premium page link) this is to prevent leechers from taking the accs and beacuse of the extra effort for you i will guarantee that you get a working account. if all the 75 working accs gets taken on the page and you cant find one simply pm me the link Your getting after completing the offer to prove you did the "offer" and i'll send you a fresh working one ;) Also if Your Premium+ just pm me and i'll hook you up With one account each. they already paid for membership on here so they dont need to Complete any offers as they arent leechers. Pm me if you got any questions.